Nicki Minaj - Hard White Mp3 indir

Nicki Minaj - Hard White mp3 indir
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  • 3:15
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  • Şarkçı: Nicki Minaj

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Carmen Rouse 2019-02-17T07:16:16.000Z
get her fucking views up and stop hating on the Queen period
Carmen Rouse 2019-02-17T07:13:32.000Z
I fuck with real lyrics and Nicki got it period that's why they mad mad facts
Green Snacks 2019-02-17T07:13:13.000Z
I love CARDI B❤️
Danyou 202 2019-02-17T07:10:53.000Z
Rainha 💙
Jason Jones 2019-02-17T06:59:48.000Z
God is coming soon. I pray you are ready. These songs won’t get you in.
Sr. Nicolás 2019-02-17T06:55:16.000Z
Go to 20M ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🔥🔥🔥🔥
Naomi McClain 2019-02-17T06:38:19.000Z
The only reason Nicki hasn't won what she deserves is because this generation doesn't care about lyrics and quality songs all they see is who's relevant in social media, drama created by press, and who's in the spotlight. Cardi is all of these she was Instagram famous then they were like she's rachet we need her on Love and hip hop and then that dumb ass song bodak yellow came out it was a hit and she got famous then her boyfriend got famous the they had a kid and all of the people who write her songs now what this generation of music is
sheniqua foster 2019-02-17T06:28:22.000Z
she made this last year when she was beefing with Remy and eve. this been leaked she just finally made a video
Can I get 5,000 subscribers with no videos? 2019-02-17T06:24:04.000Z
Why do I feel like when Nicki music video has no butts or anything inappropriate it gets literally no VIEWS. But when the music video has butts and twerking it gets like a lot of views like for example Anaconda and Good Form, if only it weren't like that. Ughhhhhhh. 😫😫😫
katrihanna jea 2019-02-17T06:19:17.000Z
quenn nicki minaj
leslie bond 2019-02-17T06:18:17.000Z
This video is ..... evil period 😳
Legendary Gabby 2019-02-17T06:11:59.000Z
bro y’all mad cuz cardi b won a grammy but she something new like nicki is old she been here too long yeah she got good music but y’all gotta give cardi her props cuz she worked hard and got/still getting WAYYY more hate so don’t even
Tazz Mania 2019-02-17T06:08:53.000Z
Got these bitches shook they shocked 😮 no stun gun 🔥🤟🏿
triszha angelie mae ambrocio 2019-02-17T06:02:37.000Z
wake up Ramon!
Kisha Redman 2019-02-17T05:57:05.000Z
This video is horrible why she do this satanic aSs video. WTF
Paige White 2019-02-17T05:54:03.000Z
Ok😳...nah.. See.😥.... I Wouldnt trust SHIT them ugly mfs in her mirror have to SAY. 🆗🚫😂😂🙌br />. WHO tf wants some DEAD -Zombie looking GHOULISH mfs appearing IN their "Mirror" Telling them somn. 😐br />NOT ME!🙌😂😂😂
Jerry Berry 2019-02-17T05:31:39.000Z
You tell them bitches nicki 💅🏻
悉尼夜话 2019-02-17T05:31:29.000Z
So cool song...
franko romero 2019-02-17T05:24:13.000Z
Eric Everett 2019-02-17T05:15:29.000Z
That song sucked and your to full of yourself that's why you get held back nobody likes that Energy