[STATION 3] YERI 예리 '스물에게 (Dear Diary)' MV Mp3 indir

[STATION 3] YERI 예리 '스물에게 (Dear Diary)' MV mp3 indir
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  • Tür: mp3
  • Şarkçı: SMTOWN

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Exol Sone Reveluv 2019-03-26T13:49:04.000Z
b>Am I the only one who feels like Red Velvet isnt really THAT shine during OT4 era? It's like they've been missing something.. But when Yerim joined them, the group feel completed! She completed Red Velvet! Anyways,stan Yerim the full-packaged idol 💜/b>
Exol Sone Reveluv 2019-03-26T13:46:19.000Z
b>1,5m!! 2m 🔜/b> br />br />Gotta give all the love and support to Yerim!
Venus Jauregui 2019-03-26T13:40:48.000Z
Our maknae is shining!!! STAN THIS BABY
링츄 2019-03-26T13:16:02.000Z
비밀언니 에서 나온 노래인가?
Haru choco 2019-03-26T13:07:20.000Z
I'm back br />I need sub
Taehyung's BUTCHEEKS 2019-03-26T13:03:18.000Z
Why is she so underrated? 😞 It makes me so frustrated that she gets such unnecessary hate!!! She's so damn talented! She can write her own songs!!! I miss her smile so much at debut which has turned into her sadness because of haters!!! She was a baby when she debuted! 😢 The least we could've done was protect her from those hate comments then maybe she would be happy now like how she was during her debut!
변탱ByunTaeng 2019-03-26T12:15:02.000Z
I'm so proud of our maknae!!! I love you Kim Yerim!!!!
마구 마구 2019-03-26T11:12:26.000Z
예리 솔로 대박기원❤❤❤
evil maknae 2019-03-26T10:53:02.000Z
Real Music 2019-03-26T10:37:35.000Z
so proud of you yeri
이유진 2019-03-26T08:49:18.000Z
예리 스테이션 드디어 단독이구나...지금까지 솔로 안나온게 이거 쓰려고 묻혀둔건가 ㅠㅜ br />br />Finally Yeri is solo at Sm station TT
김하석 2019-03-26T07:23:30.000Z
한국인 안보여서 내가 쓴다 예리 최고ㅜ💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Exol Sone Reveluv 2019-03-26T05:35:20.000Z
SM artists songs with the highest Unique Listeners in 24 hours on Melon:br />1. TAEYEON — Four Seasons (1,021,019)br />2. a href="http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=%23RedVelvet">#RedVelvet/a> — Power Up (987,862)br />3. TAEYEON — I (963,980)br />4. TAEYEON — a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mE4hSQ7j0M&t=11m11s">11:11/a> (865,576)br />5. TAEYEON — Fine (844,580)br />br />br />b>GIRLS RUN SM!!/b>
Shelly Chew 2019-03-26T05:02:23.000Z
she is same age with me but her voice is sooooooo nice and beautifullllllll <3
lourday 2019-03-26T04:25:41.000Z
Julianne Zyra Ferrer 2019-03-26T03:51:15.000Z
One of the lines is all about Jonghyun 😱😭 He is surely proud of you Kim Yerim 🤗👏
Hwang Fira 2019-03-26T03:40:26.000Z
your_bias_is_ a_human_too_ 2019-03-26T03:24:32.000Z
So doid anyone knew that there is a hidden tribute for jonghyun in the mv and song ?!?!!br />Also people open your eyes and see her , she has grown up and left behind her insecurities , doubts , hate and is rising up ...she is such a talented angle ...we love u Yeri Kim
blackvelvet is life 2019-03-26T01:59:07.000Z
Yeri you deserve the best things pls be always happy and healthy my baby thanks for your smile 💗💗
Yuke hikmaa 2019-03-26T01:36:02.000Z
SM please give her more line in red velvet's next song !! She deserves it 💜