Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer Mp3 indir

Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer mp3 indir

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Trang Thuy 2019-03-25T03:46:24.000Z
Yash Playz 2019-03-25T03:45:01.000Z
I wrote : Thanos vanished half of the peoplebr />Auoto correct : Thanks vanished half of the people
Social Network Asia 2019-03-25T03:44:25.000Z
Awaiting to see.. looks amazing!!
Janie Bear 2019-03-25T03:42:40.000Z
This movie changes everything because nothing will be the same. Old characters will die and new ones will come after this. I heard this is Captain America’s last movie and that makes me really sad. It might be a lot of actor last movie.
AishaPatrice 2019-03-25T03:42:38.000Z
I’m excited for the movie.....however this trailer was boring
Yash Playz 2019-03-25T03:41:17.000Z
Parents : The Movie tickets are costlybr />Me : Whatever it takes
Fluffa Wuffa 2019-03-25T03:36:24.000Z
Can’t imagine the crowds at movie theaters on opening day.
Me I said me 2019-03-25T03:34:58.000Z
Bananas !!!!! a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcMBFSGVi1c&t=1m12s">1:12/a>
Randeep 2019-03-25T03:34:04.000Z
Thor:- I like this one. br />Iron man :- I don't.br />br />br />br />CIVIL WAR
Sawa Sawa 2019-03-25T03:30:51.000Z
spoiler:in every superheroes movie either they will die and get resurrect and they will always win lol
{ Triple [Z] } 2019-03-25T03:30:45.000Z
Black Widow: 'Reloads her Gun' b>Whatever It Takes/b>br />Thanos: b>Am I a Joke For You?/b>
Sawa Sawa 2019-03-25T03:29:50.000Z
rip stan lee...imagine if he is still alive..he will be so proud😔
The Quantum 2019-03-25T03:29:11.000Z
We should all thank star lord for giving us another avengers movie
Stogie2112 2019-03-25T03:28:40.000Z
Tomorrow, at 9:00 am, EST. Tickets go on sale? Could be!!
The Water Warrior 2019-03-25T03:28:35.000Z
The real question is...br />br />br />br />br />Is this the last Avengers movie?
Diona Malbas 2019-03-25T03:28:11.000Z
Theory: Remember the part in titan where Dr. Strange use the time stone to see all the outcomes and told them that they only win 1. What if all the things that happen at the infinity war movie is only a vision of Dr. Strange? That we only see what Dr. Strange saw when he was going forward in time. Like what Alice did to Aro in Breaking Dawn part 2. What if in the endgame when they all start the fight with Thanos again, it will all reverse and back at the infinity war and stop at the part when Dr. Strange seeing all the outcomes again and fight Thanos again, for the first time. Hehe. Just a thought.
Ebolarnator 2019-03-25T03:27:55.000Z
Previously, on Marvel's Cinematic Universe...
Jorge Gonzales 2019-03-25T03:27:43.000Z
Whos here for the 20th time?
{ Triple [Z] } 2019-03-25T03:27:33.000Z
Now Imagine Seeing in the End of this movie Doctor Strange coming from past and going back ...!
MarengoniTV 2019-03-25T03:25:24.000Z
Launch Avengers EndGame br />My reaction br />br />br />a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcMBFSGVi1c&t=1m37s">1:37/a>